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September 09, 2006


sur iGeneration:

On peut donc s'attendre à voir un iPod 6G je pense!

un iPhone, un iPhone !!! Stp, Steve, un iPhone !!!

Je me pose toujours la question d'un TiVo like venant intégrer le hub numérique Apple, en plus de l'inévitable Airport Express Vidéo qui se fait cruellement attendre.

I strongly believe in an Apple iPhone, but not before next year !

Comme Louis je pense aussi que cela serait le bon moment pour sortir un media center, surtout avec le lancement des films en download.
Une bonne connectivité entre les différents produits iPod, iMac, iMedia, iPhone et cela sera vraiment sympa comme concept !

Etant plus sédentaire que Nomade, et je dois pas être le seul, un iMedia m'intéresserait plus qu'un iPod (ou un autre lecteur media portable d'ailleurs).

"It's not an Apple's mistake, it's the studios, with their short term narrow minded view, who are responible for that." - I'm surprised to find such a cliché on your blog Michel, it's very unusual.
Building on your stance, I guess Apple is probably not responsible of having a locked system in the music world (iPod + iTunes + Music Store) either: music majors are obviously 100% guilty.

Well Jeremy, I'm not so sure it's a cliche as it seems to be what has actually happened between the 2 parties.

Apple has been negociating hard with the studios about the price of movies. They wanted to charge $20/movie, wheareas Jobs wanted to stick to $10. Eventually, they stroke a deal in the middle.

It's more or less the same story than music, for which the Majors have been trying to increase the 99c price tage.

Thank you for your explanation Michel, I didn't know about this.

You're welcome. I guess there will be some active discussions on online movie prices as from tuesday !

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