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September 28, 2006


Why don't you buy it right now on, let's say, Amazon?

Or the WH Smith store, rue de Rivoli in Paris. I'm sure you know it :-)

It is the second time that is see Kawasaki promoting hate against french people.

In his bozo show, you refered to on one of your recent blog not, he was utterly arrogant, agressive and unpleasant. He was especially insulting to french people.

In his last blog note, I red this morning, he feels again the need to promote a kind of racism against french people. What's the point ? Why ? This has nothing to do with criticism, these are unjustified agression.

Did you got that ?

His blog smells like an old fish...

Have you seen the latest Apple commercials? There are sooo funny

Je l'ai reçu hier par la poste
Je le lirai dès que je lève un peu le pied


Tenez nous au courant !

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