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September 15, 2006


Everything is said with this quote.

When Photoways will add direct links to public forums and quality evaluation of its service on its website ? It seems our e-shop is the first this time to do that but second is also good place ;-)

I would tend to agree, but Public forums present a natural biais : leaders are overrepresented and when there's an issue it has a over representation, making people believe it's much bigger than what it rerally is !

That is a risk but if all consumers give their feeling I don't believe it turns wrong

Well, that's a fundamental debate ! In the past, unsatisfied customers would write to 50 Millions de Consommateurs with their name and address, so that one could really track them.

On the internet, anybody can say anything, anonymously, anywhere and anytime, therefore many false comments, either to support one's brand or to denigrate competition.

There's also a 2nd law : unsatisfied people do complain much more than satified people express their hapiness. Consequently, any issue is strongly exagerated over the web and may give the impression that all is wrong.

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