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October 07, 2006


According to reliable sources YouTube could be generating 7 million dollars this year basis. Which is still low but definitely not zero

A good post to complete your view

Thanks for the precision.

It doesn't really change the point as I mentioned that YouTube already has the capacity to generate hundreds of millons in advertising revenues.

The point is :

Shutterfly : $110M sales, $180M raised, $300M valation.

YouTube : almost no revenue, $11.5M raised, $1.5bn+ valuation assumed.

I recently heard from a VC and successful French entrepreneur that YouTube actually generated 10m$ a month. Though surprised by the mention of such a relatively high figure, the latter is not totally unlikely and would in some ways justify the Yahoo! valuation.

I also read that from obviously the same source (Pierre Chappaz).

But with no advertising on their site, I have some doubts ! I also haven't found that figure anywhere else. No decent business information source report such a number.

Moreover, Ouriel is usually very well informed (connection with techcrunch) and mentions $7M.

here s an analysis, which if it is true, claims that YouTube is already generating 7.5mUSD/months and profitable but keeps it quiet not to provoke right-owners on greedy attacks.

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