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December 20, 2006


Are you a European company?

Hi Julien,

On track again after the Business Week miserable end of contest ?

Yep, I am a European company indeed and you do know me !

Bang and olufsen?

Nop. B&O doesn't date back to 1986 and was no JV !

And a tip which doesn't say much : I never blogged on this company !

Ho yes, the end of the contest was miserable! I feel so sorry for all the people who voted for me and even more for the ones who asked their friends and relatives to do so... Thank you Michel, for your support.

Hum, am I a coffee brand?

I just want an answer and I'll say yes, or no !

alors ca n'est pas Bose non plus, créée en 1964


allez je retourne bosser.

Si c'est ça, bravo, j'ai perdu à 1 minute près... marrant ca ressemble à ebay à la fin des enchères

Congrats Julien, you found it !

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