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December 15, 2006


Tout a fait d'accord sur le fait que cela ne va pas durer. Les jeunes créent un blog car cela est un effet de mode et que le copain en a un. A present, cela va diminuer au fil du temps pour etre remplacer par de nouvelles techniques, comme du contenu plus interactif.

c u

Hi Michel

I agree with Ludovic above, like most new technological advancements (and particularly on the net), they'll be replaced by the next technological advancement (eg video blogging directly from mobile phone...or something we dont even know about yet).

I think we'll soon be getting to the information overload point when "too many blogs will destroy the whole concept of blogs"



I think we've already reached that point for the overload. New technology such as video blogging have been there for few years now and new concepts (eg online personal TV) will increase in popularity ... and surely even more things.

c u

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