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January 11, 2007


Honestly, that's weird. Anyway, this means that Apple perfectly measured the benefit of coherent brand. Putting the "i" in front of all their product names is indeed great.

I just hope that the benefit of this will be higher that the cost of the trial.

And what if the judgement commands Apple not to use the brand "iPhone" ?

They would have lost everything...

Well Guillaume, that sure wouldn't be a good news, but they will find another name and this great product still remains a great product whatever its name.

Also note that the iBook has become the MacBook, with no more "i". Also note that the iTV has become the Apple TV.

My opinion is that negociations between Cisco and Apple are on their way ( and it's just a strategy to put pressure on Apple.

Apple knows for a long time that Cisco had the trademark and they would never have introduced their product without been sure it will be the final name/brand.

Agreed, it's just a tactical move to force them to negotiate.

That's a typical thing with Americans, it's only when you sue them that you then really start to negotiate...

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