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February 22, 2007


what a deception was Moma Design Stores. Even if items are well presented, i have found the selection a little bit cheap. I was disappointed by the books, i wish i had found more books about artists i just saw the work.

However, the Muji corner in the Soho Moma one (yeah the one couple of blocks away from the apple store ;) was a good idea, both shops targeting the same consumers.

Well Olivier, I'm somewhat surprised by your staement, but it also means there's an opportunity....

Michel, je crois que le projet Ushuaia a été dévoilé par Capital que je viens de lire ce matin :

"Michel de Guilhermier s'apprête à lancer un site d'agro-alimentaire en ligne". On y évoque par exemple de l'huile d'olive ou du miel ?

Bah, si la journaliste le dit !!

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