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May 07, 2007


I was lucky enough to own an Aston Martin a few years ago (a DB7 Volante Vantage) and it sure is a mythical car. The succesful child of a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari :-)

However it was also everything you can expect from a British car: very fragile, super expensive to maintain, raining inside the car, etc. You'd better have a good insurance f you own one of those cars !

Let's hope that the new owners will be able to keep the momentum (I mean the sales not the fragility) but it is a difficult challenge for a non-industrial company to build cars.

Hi Mathieu !

Ouaouh, what a car, lucky guy !

As far as I know, Aston Martin's new CEO since 2000, Ulrich Bez, an ex Porsche and BMW guy, has done a lot to improve quality and recent Astons are much better than previous ones.

I was told they still do have some issues (I bought mine in 2001, thank you internet bubble !).

This is a problem all cars with so low volume of production encounter anyway. Exclusivity and total class has its toll ;-)

I can't think of any car more classy than Aston Martin. I would choose it anytime over any other car, including Ferrari, Bentley, Bugatti (how horrible the last model is !), etc.

I whish LVMH had bought it a few weeks ago. I am sure Bernard Arnaud could have done something great with it (apparently the price was too high). We could have had at last a luxury car company in France.

Production moved in 2003 to a brand new factory at Gaydon, near Birmingham, and thinhs have dramatically improved since then !

I haven't read any critical issues with new Astons, but I'm not an expert.

It's not like Harley Davidson for which one needed to buy 2 just to have the spare parts !

This poll looks a bit skewed!! If you go on the French google site and search for "Aston Martin" and "blog", this blog ranks in the 6th position. Nothings like that with "Ferrari"...

This suggests the pool of voters is not representative enough. The outcome would surely be different on an Ferrari fan blog.. I am sure such a great marketer knows that.

By the way, in the UK the answer would be Bentley and its great Continental GTC. Too many Aston here.

Thanks for the great blog anyway. Are you considering buying one?


Thks for your comment.

I'm not that surprised that seeking "Blog+Aston Martin" on Google France I am well positioned : I have posted several times on Aston Marton and my blog has a very decent audience ;-)

However, it's not because I have posted on Aston Martins that poll is not representative and that people had to vote for this brand, all the more with such a wide margin. So I think the results are very valid !

I agree, results should vary from a country to another. I'm not however totally sure that Bentley would win in the UK. True there are many more AM in the UK than in France (50% of the 30,000 cars produced by AM in its 94 years history went to the UK I guess), but still, it's a myth in the UK as well.


Je suis tombé l'autre jour sur un livre qui devait s'appeler "100 voitures à prix d'or" ou qq chose dans le genre, répertoriant les voitures les plus chères vendues aux enchères de par le monde.

Il y avait 24 Ferrari, 7 Buggati, 7 Maserati, 7 Mercedes, 7 Alfa Romeo et...4 Aston seulement.

Je suis moi aussi surpris du résultat de ton sondage. Si j'aurais mis Aston en 1er ou en 2ième, ce n'est certainement pas avec autant d'avance que je la voyais.

Si tes lecteurs classent Aston n°1 des marques de voiture les plus mythiques, ce n'est pas uniquement une question de prix des voitures.

Bref, pour te la faire courte, je pense qu'il y a un mélange bien spécial d'ingrédients qui aboutit au statut de "mythique" : rareté, prix, histoire, âme, etc...

Et ta question valait donc d'être posée...

Intéressant tes chiffres Fabien. Je ne suis cependant pas trop étonné du peu d'Aston atteignant des sommets. La firme a produit au cours de son histoire beaucoup moins de voitures que Ferrari, en nombre comme en types.

Je pense que le côté mythique des Aston vient surtout, au dela de leur beauté, rareté et puissance, ce qui est en fait la caractéristique générale de la plupart des "supercars" de l'association et de l'héritage James Bond

Little wonder, have a look at that :

belle video et belle musique pour présenter ces voitures de rêve

Indeed !

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