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May 06, 2007


Michel, I would love to help, however, my knowledge of cars or my ability to recognize a brand is limited to their color, most of the time!

The only thing I can say, is that a Ferrari is red, a Jaguar is black and a Lamborghini is yellow...

Well, I purposely picked up the car industry as almost anyone may have an idea about it or a dream !

Even if you don't reckognize a brand, some may sound "mythical" to you ?

Hi Michel,

Current results of your poll give some surprises. I'm waiting to know more...

I shall not give you more surprises, but I will tell later today why I made this poll (once 200 votes reached).

Some kind of Aston-Martin addicts community, there ;-)

Aucune j'aime les voitures fiables , j'aime aussi les collaborateurs fiables, les amis fiables, les fournisseurs fiables........

Didier, on a du mal à comprendre votre allusion ! Visiblement votre commentaire s'adresse à des personnes, mais on ne sait pas à qui !

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