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June 10, 2007


Hum... I do not agree at all with your analysis.

First, Ok, Casino Royale is the James Bond that generated the most, but, hum, don't you think it's weird, that your list is also chronologically ordered? I would say that "big" movies tend to be bigger and bigger (more spectators by country, and more countries)... So ok, Casino Royale is the biggest, but it might have nothing to do (or very little) with its main actor.

Also, the car appears to be a little farfetched, I would bet that more than 95% of the people who actually saw the movie didn't know before what would be James Bond's car (did you?), hence, this could definetly not be a reason of its success!

For me the main reasons are :
- new kind of scenario
- broader and broader audience for this kind of movies

There could be a little percentage of movie-aware spectators that went to see it to see how would perform Craig, but, not that much...

To me, the real James Bond is Sean Connery, that's it. Scottish, classy, uber man, the others look like wimps. Daniel Craig with his bodybuilding chiseled abs and pecs is really a pitiful shadow of what James Bond should be.
Please the real new James Bond stand up ?

Hey guys, pity you don't understand that's it's really his blond hair which makes all the difference !!

he looks like Poutine !

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