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August 24, 2007


This is a very bad news from Apple if the Orange deal is not signed yet...
There is no chance that ATT signed the revenue-sharing without putting a mention to the fact that Apple should ensure the locking of the device!

Right, but even if you unlock it, you still have to buy the device with a 2 year ATT plan !

Hi Michel,
Sure this is a great news for all of us out of there who are longing for the iPhone. However, take care that you're article does not entitle you to a sentence due to the DADVSI Vivendi Universal amendment :-)


I do not fully agree with you Michel, you can avoid the 2 years ATT plan; as you may have noticed iphones are available "naked" as for instance on ebay, and even if the price is definitely higher, It is still worth it!

What's really the point in buying the iPhone for a higher price on Ebay ?

If I wanted to import it from the USA and use it with my SFR plan...

Then go and buy it in an Apple Store !

Actually Michel, I do not really understand what you mean; if I bought it in an apple store in US, I'll have to suscribe to an ATT plan, but If I buy it "naked" on ebay , I don't have to wait until it is released in europe, I won't have to leave my SFR plan to join Orange and I'll save money, considering the favorable exchange rate!

let's see it this way : you buy the 4Go iPhone for $499 at your local Apple Store, you through away the ATT subscription which comes withy it but for which you don't care a damn, and here you are when you have unlocked it.

Sure, you can have a used iPhone on Ebay but I still don't see the point in paying more than a brand new one. The one who bought the iPhone paid for the ATT subscription himself, right ?

Hey, Michel, I am the same Julien as in the first comment... in case you were wondering.

Actually, if I buy iphone here at 499$, unlocke them, and sell them vie ebay in Europe, preferably not in France, UK or Germany, I can sell them with a little premium, since they won't be available in these countries soon... And, also Apple usually does a very bad USD/EUR rate. If i sell my iphnes around 600Euros... which makes almost a 50% GM!

Anyway, I won't do it, but I know wome guys here who already did this, with Russian...

Hi Julien, another 3 months and the iPhone will be up for sale here in France.

A $499 price tag means €400 roughly once you've added the state tax (say 8.5%) and divide by 1.35 forex.

unlocking, being sure that it would work forever once unlocked, not making update being scared that it would lock it again...

Men, this is so Windows style !

Attention :

Thks, interesting indeed.

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