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August 20, 2007


Cela va a etre dur d'imposer Samsonite comme une marque de pure luxe, etant donne cette origine tres fonctionnelle comme tu le rappelle. Mais pourquoi ne pas se focaliser sur le segment business luxury ? En faire une marque haut de gamme pour business men, ce segment est plus attache a la fiabilite, la solidite, que le segment fashion non ?

Indeed, won't be easy !

It is indeed an interesting move towards fashion (cf TUMI), which has been initiated through the SAMSONITE Black Label "upscale travel collections" and highlighted through limited editions with these trendy brit designers plus carefully engineered advertising (they could have hired Gorbatchev together with Branson).

Still I am not sure whether their roadmap will really be a shift towards luxury Vs high-end fashion accessories.

Their iconic myth and heritage (trunk and luggage manufacturing), similar to VUITTON or GOYARD, could help reinventing the company in any way.

And the ownership of LAMBERTSON TRUEX will definitely be a strong asset (leather know-how + sourcing), provided that it does not provoke any branding issues.

But what looks striking to me is the 'American' factor embedded in their DNA with the obvious "functional and durable luggage" criteria.

So what is the product strategy?
Move away from heavy-duty luggages to luxury travel bags or from sturdy luggages to fashion (business) handbags?

Of course, repeat business and margins in handbags are great. Actually, for a fantastic case study and best practices in that matter for an American brand (affordable luxury?), look at COACH!

Also I am wondering how the existing SAMSONITE's distribution channels will react...

Indeed, Marcello Botelli did mention Coach as an example he admires

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