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August 28, 2007


Actually, it seems that the US law does not forbid anyone to publish software that "extends the ability" of a device. However, the debate is clearly on selling it... That would explain why George Hotz has not recieved any call!

Anyway, there is much to bet that Apple will publish a firmware updaet soon that will "disable" the software enabler...

The George Hotz' method is by no means simple, it's really for geeks, so for a limited public and true he has no intention of opening an unlocking business. This explains why he will not be bothered by lawyers.

As for Apple, I'm wondering what their interest is.

Moreover, as soon as their publish a firmware update which might disable une unlocker, hackers will work around it and update their software, and so on...

> Anyway, there is much to bet that Apple
> will publish a firmware updaet soon
> that will "disable" the software
> enabler...

Which will be cracked in about two weeks. Look, this is like DRM: if you have access to the thing, it will be unlocked -- it's the nature of the arm race Apple (or is it ATT) got itself into. It was dangerously foolish to think otherwise.

So, since technology won't work, they will try to legislate (interestingly enough, that particular form of reverse engineering isn't covered by the DMCA) -- and people just don't care about the law if they feel it is abusive and not protecting them.

There are some things the suits will never learn.

"As for Apple, I'm wondering what their interest is."

Michel, Steve gets a cut of the monthly contract fees from AT&T, as you know. So he's deeply interested in the unlocking situation, I'm pretty sure. At the same time, as an innovator, he probably thinks it's really cool.

It must be hard to be Steve right now with this kind of cognitive dissonance. But on the other hand, he went DRM free for music, so maybe he sees this as a step towards real open networks for all phones.

I'd never worry about Steve's ability to make money. He always seems to find a way to turn a situation to his advantage. He has some kind of cash-attracting akido.

Thanks Freikins.

Sure he gets a fraction of the monthly contract fees : he's said to earn 10%, ie say $5 to $8/month in average.

On the other hand, he's said to have a 50% gross margin on selling the iPhone hardware, that's around 250$ a piece.

People are complaining about having to switch to ATT to have an iphone. It's amazing !

For years, everyone buying a PC had to buy a Microsoft Windows copy too. How can we blame ATT/Apple while we allowed MS to use such methods for 25 years !?

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