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October 05, 2007


Toujours EXCELLENT ton blog, analyses pragmatiques et infos pertinentes. Bravo!

Dommage que ma toute petite critique de ce matin ai disparu... Ce n’est pas beau ça Michel.

je n'ai pas vu de critique. J'ai vu un langage familier tout a fait inadequat, Je ne vous connais pas et a mon souvenir on a pas fait les marches ensemble.

Comme tout le monde, je n'aime pas trop etre interpelle de facon aussi familiere.

Capito ?

Indian stock market

Hi Everyone.

Your blog is nice and informative. We think your visitors will like this posting.

We all know that Indian stock market has become volatile now a days. One day its going up and another day its coming down. So we all should like to know
what is the reason for it. As in the last post we have mentioned that FII are the main reason, but now to there are few more factors adding to worries, they are:-

1. FII profit booking.

2. Political issue - Indo-US nuclear issue.

3. 25 Basis cut which was expected by US people of atleast 50 basis.

4. Low volumes due to holidays in coming week.

We suggest you to take bit long positions right now as market is volatile so don’t prefer intraday trading for few days.
All scripts are currently trading at low price hold them for 10-15 days so gain maximum.




Well we are facing horrible face of market now and there seems to be no way out; at least for next couple of months.

US recession has been confirmed by Waren buffet and even US president and steps taken by FED seem to be in-sufficient. I thing we may see more pain in the short term.

And Asian markets including that of India and China are also getting affected. So, the only attractive investment option available today is GOLD !

Or people with strong heart can hold on to their positions for next 1-2 years to recover from losses they already suffered.

Free Stock Recommendations

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Informative content on this useful blog created by webmaster.

As such we had said earlier that the new support levels for Nifty are 4650-4610,
we can see that these levels had been maintained and now if the consolidation starts taking place at these levels we can surely will be seeing some movement either upward or in downward direction
but at the same time Nifty has the Strong Support of 4550 levels which had to be always keep in mind.So be Open

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Team Team

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