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October 06, 2007


C'est énorme!

Superbe en effet!
Ceci dit, c'est pas évident que la miss en question aie tout compris.

Génial :) Romantique ces américains.

Merci Michel pour ce pur moment de bonheur...
Absolumment hilarant (voire pathétique) la facon dont cette fille vend sa beaute en lui attribuant une valeur sur le marché et encore plus hilarante est la reponse du gars qui emploie les termes d'actifs, de depreciation, de location et de position; ceci dit il aurait aussi pu parler de couverture (!!!)

Ce message devrait etre le 101 du cours a l'intention des Francais qui ne comprennent rien aux Americains.

Cher Michele and Fabrice. I'm glad this posting could provide some emotional stimulation on your blog. It certainly has for me.

To this $500K gentleman, here is what I have to say:

I am a female living in New York who could describe herself as this other girl has. I choose not to. The more important point is that have you, Mr.500K+, ever thought that your offer to lease is in fact not your default option but your only real option ? Look at it this way. If looks were my number one criteria, I’d keep the car running too. A cute smile, gorgeous eyes and hot bod are only interesting to me until the next sexy thing comes along too. So if all you’re into is paying first and last months rent, keep doing as you are. But every smart finance person knows you’re losing money.

Alas la madmoiselle above is not more artful. If she had better manners, a more restrained "upper class" look and demeanor, as well as killer social connections, she'd be set.

Marriages in NYC are actually made on this basis all the time -- but it appears the lady in question lacks the social graces to do the deal. Young up-n-coming guys in NYC need the "right kind" of wife to truly acquire the social power that translates in the Master-of-the-Universe earning power.

But sadly this lady has only proven that she couldn't be trusted on her own at an Upper East Side charity luncheon. She will never get her wish. . .

Freikins, indeed, that was no classy post from the mademoiselle !

Hilarious post! thanks :)
But I think the best solution for this Mr 500K€ is really to buy the Miss and use it before its value decreases (5 years he says). Then he could rent it for a good price to a Mr 200K€ that will be happy with the 30 years old asset.
It seems like a good deal to me...

that's nuts

Whoa! She seems like a handful to me. I never thought you are allowed posts like that at Craglist? lol

Nice post to think about. Even if someone moderates or edits postings, a few things escape from their notice. Such postings provide relief from regular stuff ;-). I think both of them aren't serious. Just trying to find out how it works, if at all it works!


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