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October 05, 2007


donne plus d'indices, c'est dur a trouver ;)

come on Seb, you can do it !

Just a few clues :

- Kentucky based
- Around 6000 employees
- $2bn market cap roughly

Genlyte Group Inc.

Ce n'était pas vraiment un quizz, mais oui, c'est bien ça ! Bravo Pascal, Sébastien et Julien (dans l'ordre où j'ai reçu les réponses)

Indian stock market

Hi Everyone.

Your blog is nice and informative. We think your visitors will like this posting.

We all know that Indian stock market has become volatile now a days. One day its going up and another day its coming down. So we all should like to know
what is the reason for it. As in the last post we have mentioned that FII are the main reason, but now to there are few more factors adding to worries, they are:-

1. FII profit booking.

2. Political issue - Indo-US nuclear issue.

3. 25 Basis cut which was expected by US people of atleast 50 basis.

4. Low volumes due to holidays in coming week.

We suggest you to take bit long positions right now as market is volatile so don’t prefer intraday trading for few days.
All scripts are currently trading at low price hold them for 10-15 days so gain maximum.




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