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November 10, 2007


I'm much more positive here. Samsumg, LG, HTC and Motorola are in the alliance.. They don't have a smartphone Operating System unlike the one you told about (Apple, Nokia and Microsoft). Palm's Operating System is in bad shape, Symbian is controled by Nokia and is not that cool when it comes to Internet Usage. Microsoft is Microsoft and I doubt many want them to become the market leader. There is no open solution on the market, which can boost the independent vendors not having an OS and even open the market for new handset makers (open market means open competition). And an open solution can be very strong if it has sufficient funding for developping the software. This is the case here. For me this will be a success if Google is fully commited to fund the developpment. Google's interest here is grow the Mobile Internet market by making it as low cost and high Internet experience. If this happens Google will make plenty of money since it's applications are leader. Apple is actually an ally in this strategy but Google can't bet everything on the iPhone since it's too high end and closed and for sure Apple can't be selling all the handsets in this world.

It consists of an operating system, middleware, a so-called user-friendly interface (remaining to be seen), and applications. Apple built the iphone and the people will come, regardless of what marketing takes place by affiliates etc.

Take a look at this. Not sure whether all we see on the screen is out of Android, but it sure looks like a pretty cool phone UI (for someone who keeps his cellphone very simple and stupid, anyways.)

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