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December 08, 2007


How long will you stay in NY?
I'll be there on february!

A little shorter than a week...

Perso, je preferais quand c'etait encore la brasserie belge "Markt!"...

la frite sacrifiée sur l'autel de l'iPhone !!!

Hello Michel
I visited this new Apple Store, and once again I am impressed, it is an eye candy, I can tell you this!
I also think that the neighboorhood makes it even more attractive, Meat Packing is the hot spot right now in NY.
I informed the Apple Store Manager that you were coming soon in NY, he is looking forward to it! OK I'm kidding :)

Thks Ilan, please tell him that the red carpet has to be there when I come on Jan 18th ! I may buy a 3rd iPhone (I've just bought a 2nd official Orange iPhone !)

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