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February 01, 2008


One of Buffet's advice is to not invest in a company if you do not have visibility in how that company will be doing in 10 years. Microsoft has proven with Vista that have hard time maintaining and evolving their code base. They have also proven with with Windows Live that they have a very hard time building, deploying and monetizing software as services. So they are left with Office and XBox. They are milking that as much as they can but it is not clear how much longer it is going to last.

Microsoft has lost their innovation edge. It seems a very risky investment in the long term. Innovation and design is not something easy to buy.

Here is a special gift for you:


de plus, avec des partenaires à fort potentiel comme Inspirational Stores, Microsoft est bien armé ;-) non ?

Oui, je pense que Inspirational Stores doit être capable de booster la valo de MSFT d'au moins 20% !!

YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

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