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June 01, 2008


I would add a few points, if I may:
--when evaluating the equity characteristics of a stock (finding stocks with low P/E, Price to Book, PEG, Return on Equity, etc…), I would compare that stock with other socks within the same sector (as technology stocks generally have higher P/E than stocks in the retails sector for example), and maybe within the same segment of market capitalizations (small caps, mid caps or large caps).
A low P/E of 20 for technology stocks, is a high P/E value in the retails or consumer durables sector.
--no one can predict the short term direction of the stock market, but a portfolio manager may use the macro-economic indicators to his advantage: i.e. during the recession time of the economy cycle, he or she may position the stocks in specific sectors, whereas during expansion time, he or she would rotate to other sectors.


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