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August 12, 2008


Merci pour le tuyau, je l'ai précommandé sur Amazon!

Tiens, est en vente sur sedo ! :-)

Merci de l'info. Je cherche (en vain) l'adresse e-mail de l'auteur (Alice Schroeder)car j'ai rencontré W.B. en france il y a 11 ans !!
Merci si vous avez l'info.

hello Mister. I send this message to you to ask for a am young very talentieux footballer which would like intgré a training centre or club in America, Europe or others for monnayer my talent of which I do not lay out d' no means to do it, on those I ask you for m' helped financially or by n' import which means you can prossedé I in taken to you Mister to examine my case well in order to come has my secour and I will be very grateful to you I blasferme not but I am really in the know well that you cost nothing this sum who you will spend on me .vraiment made for me and God will return it to you to the centriple. I you remerci much for your comprehension

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