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September 23, 2009


Assez drôle :)
D'un autre côté, il existait bien, au début de l'Internet grand public, un service qui proposait d'aider les internautes dans leurs recherches grâce à des assistants humains. Quand ils ont voulu le faire payer, ils ont disparu...

smells like an hoax

Evidemment Alexandre que c'est une blague, il n'y a qu'à voir la catégorie de notes que j'ai utilisée.

PS : fallait pas hésiter à mettre votre "vrai" nom & email, vous l'expert Photoservice/photostation !

According to ANSA news, this morning, a boat full ,mbt shoes ,dk of migrants capsized in the Maltesewaters accident occurred, from the route of the ship may be heading for Italy from Libya,the island of Lampedusa.

Italian side receiving the emergency signal, the emergency dispatch of aircraft and ships to the rescue, life-saving supplies to the accident area dropped, there are already48 people were rescued, found that more than 20 bodies, there may be some 150 people missing. Temporary,mbt shoes review rescued transported to Italy's Lampedusa island.

According to the island of Lampedusa from the UN refugee agency officials say that therescue personnel, the ship may have originally contained more than 500 people, and ifso, the number of missing even more,mbt sko skjern.

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